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Economical Pallets (PWEX4840)

Economical Pallets

An export, one way or economical pallet is designed to be light weight, yet durable enough to protect your shipment while on its way to the destination. These pallets are inexpensive and designed for limited use. Although the majority of plastic pallets are suitable to be used as export pallets, most companies choose the least expensive plastic pallet that will get the job done.

Plastic pallets do not require heat treatment, fumigation nor certificates proving they are bug and insect larva free.

Nestable Pallets

Nestable pallets fit together when empty and reduce the amount of space needed for storage.
Rackable & Stackable Pallets

Stackable/Rackable Pallets

Stackable pallets are pallets able to be placed one on top of another fully loaded. A stackable pallet is designed so the bottom pallet can handle the full static load, when loaded pallets are stacked 2 or more high.

The Static Load of a pallet is the total weight one pallet can handle without being moved.

Custom Made Pallets and Skids

If you are looking for a particular size plastic pallet and can’t seem to find it anywhere or your application requires a non-stocked size plastic pallet, you still have options and this may be the solution. Our Custom Plastic RPVC Pallets are made from 100% recycled rigid PVC plastic and are recyclable. There is no pallet size too big or too small, we can make them all. They are available in 2 or 4-way entry and offer a non-slip or smooth surface. You can receive your ordered pallets assembled or knocked down and bulk packed to lower freight costs.

Custom colors are available but will be made with virgin rigid PVC.
Bulk Containers

Bulk Containers, Collapsible and Straight Walled

These are the latest hard working, multiuse, collapsible and straight walled bulk containers the likes of which have not been seen in years. Designed for optimal load capacity and minimal container weight.

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